The platform where innovation can flourish

A platform for experts, innovators, and community to develop ideas / innovations become real. INCUBITS program will provide innovators with guidance in developing your idea / innovation into a company, also acts as a hub for capital owners.

Designed with a coherent curriculum, from developing ideas and concepts, replica product development, comprehensive business development to initial development up to scaling the innovation. Everything is arranged according to the startup development stage.


Contribute ideas, spearhead their own projects and provide the energy and optimism that leads to constructive progress


Collaborates with the hub in executing national initiatives by sharing their data, experience, or resources

UNICEF Hub Network

Shares experience and advice, and communicates the factors that lead to success and mitigate failures

Private Sector

Can share capital and/or their professional know-how when hosting a skills workshop in the hub.


Can provide their own distinct value, and connects the lab to specific communities and issues.


Academia has strengths in technical knowledge, capacity for research, and enthusiasm.

What to know before you register

It’s always a good idea to get to know the specifics before you start solving problems and/or innovates. Have a look first in the Call for Proposal document below, to guide you through what elements are expected to for your proposals to succeed

Call for Proposal [English]

Call For Proposal [Bahasa]

Pitch Deck Template

You can find the pitch deck’s template for you to use below, this template is only a guidance on what aspects we will assess you. Feel free to be creative with the design, content, and message that you want to deliver!

Pitch Deck Template


Whoever you are, know that you can contribute and/or be a part of innovation.

It starts with usĀ – have a look on the Call to Engage document below, to guide you to what kinds support you can contribute in the program


Call to Engage [English]

Call to Engage [Bahasa]

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